What's at Pal's?.... NEW & VINTAGE SPORTS CARDS!

NFL • MLB • NHL • NBA • others
• plus a bit o' Pokémon!
  • Single cards: 1950s-present (plus a few "well loved" 1933 cards!)
    • Autographed cards
    • Relic cards-(jersey, piece of material, game-used, etc.)
    • Common or Base cards, inserts, short prints...
  • NEW CARDS—from major manufacturers and distributors: Topps, Panini, Upper Deck and more. (See "New Releases")
  • Pokémon single cards, packs and boxes-(new & older cards).
  • Factory Sets — sealed/unopened assorted sports/ years/brands
  • Collector Sets—(hand-built)
  • Mystery Packs and boxes -random select old and new cards
  • Beckett Magazines & Almanacs (sports card price guides)
  • Card Collector Supplies & Memorabilia Display items for protecting, storing and displaying sports cards, memorabilia & coin collections —Note: 10% off regular prices on supplies and display items EVERY WEDNESDAY!!!

At Pal's, find an ever-changing variety of new and unique items!!

  • New & Vintage Sports Memorabilia
    • Team pennants (WILD, VIKINGS, TWINS, TIMBERWOLVES...) & WI Packers!
    • bobbleheads & figurines- assorted
    • Round, wood MN Wild and MN Vikings signs
    • Keychains—assorted MN teams, Bumper stickers/Decals—assorted MN teams, incl. Lynx! & more!!
  • Own a piece of the Metrodome —assorted memorabilia includes: framed numbers/printed pennants, and other items—made from the original Metrodome roof that collapsed under the snow!
  • 8X10 player photos(variety)

Player Memorabilia includes:

  • CHRIS CARTER — ONE-OF-A-KIND Banner! MN Vikings 2003 VIP tent canvas-like banner/2-sided/full color—with nearly life-sized image of the legendary Chris Carter— 6' wide X 4' high!
  • NBA's DREAM TEAM —5 life-sized self-standing cutouts of the 1992 20th Anniversary Dream Team includes:—Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Scotty Pippen, Patrick Ewing, and David Robinson. —Great for parties, for sports caves, for fun!
  • 1990 Kings game-used hockey stick autographed by the team including Wayne Gretzky!
  • Reggie Jackson authentic autographed framed print
  • MN Vikings Sharrif Floyd autographed photos
  • Twins Bobbleheads!
  • Large beautifully framed screen prints on the "original" snow-collapsed Metro Dome roof material of Kirby Pucket and Kent Hrbek—many smaller "dome roof" memorabilia available..including print of Kirby Puckett.
  • Seats from the now-gone Metro Dome!
  • Troy Po....full size NEW! Fathead
  • Full uncut printed sheet framed, 2 sided Baseball cards.


Every Wednesday — 10 % OFF
Collector Supplies & Storage Solutions

Protective, Storage, & Display Items:

  • Soft Sleeves — regular & thick card sleeves - 100 per pkg.
    • Bulk packages available!
  • Team bags—Ultra Pro & BCW
  • Graded Card Sleeves—Ultra Pro & BCW
  • Tall Card Dividers
  • Ultra Pro Rigid Toploaders—wide variety—protects single cards of various thicknesses
    • Card toploaders —singles / packaged (bulk available)
      from 20 pt to 240 pt
    • 8 X 10 photo toploaders
    • Postcard toploaders
    • Currency toploaders
    • Ticket toploaders
    • Magazine toploaders
    • Poster-size toploaders
    • Semi-Rigid Card Holders 100 pack or 200 per box
  • Screwdown Card Holders (variety of widths and brands)
  • Magnetic Card Holders (variety: 20 pt ....up to 360 pt)
  • Snap Card Holders (a variety of widths)
  • Albums —3-ring notebooks for various sports
  • 2" 3 ring "Breakback" binder. Display pages easily!
  • Variety of Pocket Pages —some in packs of 10 or boxes of 100
    • 9 pocket pages)
    • 4 pocket pages
    • 8 pocket pages
    • 20 pocket pages - for mini cards
    • 8 X 10 pages - perfect for storing photos
    • 8 X 11 pages - for documents or ...
    • Plus other misc. sizes available
  • Black frame screwdown card holders—GREAT FOR GIFTS!
    • 1 card frame
    • 2 card frame
    • 3 card frame
    • 9 card frame
  • Individual Card stands - variety
  • Storage Boxes—wide assortment single width, 2 rows - 5 rows!
    • Standard white cardboard card storage boxes—
      Sizes hold 100, 200, 300/330, 400, 550, 660, 800, 930, 1600/2 row shoebox to 5 row/5000 count Super Monster box!
    • Graded Card storage boxes—regular, double and small
    • —Bulk unfolded boxes available at 10% off
      everyday—and, 20% off on Wednesdays!

      (min. purch. of 3 unassembled boxes for bulk pricing)
  • Acrylic card holding boxes—hinged or slider — assorted sizes
  • Card sorting trays and boxes!!
  • Display your memorabilia in clear acrylic cases
    Memorabila Display Cases—in a variety of sizes.....
    • Large Jersey Acrylic Display Case w/ Black back
    • Small Jersey Acrylic Display Case w/ Black back
    • Football Acrylic Display Case- full size
    • Baseball Acrylic Display Case (variety of displays) walnut base, gold base, cubes ....
    • Hockey Puck Acrylic Display Case
    • Basketball Acrylic Display Case
    • Football mini-helmet Acrylic Display Case
    • Baseball bat (tube & wall mounting displays),
    • Plus more!


COIN Collecting Supplies for pro and fun!

penacrycoin blslotcoinpge

Protect and store your collection of special and/or valuable coins.

  • Paper Flips - pennies, nickesl, dimes, quarters, half dollars, small dollars
  • Coin Acrylic Display Cases - black (holds paper flips w/ coin)
  • Coin Tubes - pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters—and,
    NEW in store, dollar tubes!
  • Heavy duty black slotted pages for 3-ring binders— each page holds 12 paper flips.
  • Black elegant Coin Collector Boxes—Store and organize up to 100 coins in paper flips or acrylic cases.


  • Monthly Beckett sports card price guides —In store monthly!
    • Baseball Beckett Magazine
    • Football Beckett Magazine
    • Basketball Beckett Magazine
    • Hockey Beckett Magazine
    • Sports Monthly Beckett Magazine (covers variety of sports)

Beckett Media publishes monthly current price guides for cards. These guides are a compilation of expertise, information and current trends and expectations. Beckett price guides can help give collectors or interested parties current info on what their card(s) might be valued at. The publications also offer articles on the latest trends and news in the hobby world, as well as reviews and previews of the newest products.