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What is the Value of Your Cards?

Pal's can help you assess the value of your cards / memorabilia. Sorry, we do not authenticate items, but we can assist you in getting items graded or certified as authentic. Bring items in on Saturday (hourly assessment fee may apply). Prices on our cards are usually based on completed online sales and Beckett Magazine Price Guides.

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The actual value of a card is what someone will pay for it.
Mid '80s-'90s, cards were heavily collected by many. That era is also when our MN Twins won the championship games ('87 & '91). There are a lot of homer hankies, framed newspaper clippings, cards and other special memorabilia related to what is a special and great memory for many. The value on these items is mostly sentimental.

SATURDAYS ONLY: If you have questions on these items or others, feel free to bring them in and see the owner ONLY on Saturdays!
Saturday, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. (except Trading Day).
Assessment fees may apply.


Do we buy cards?...sometimes...

  • If you have hockey cards from 2000 to present
  • UNOPENED factory sets (any sport), boxes or packs, or
  • Unique sports memorabilia, .....

Please bring them in on a SATURDAY ONLY—for our review.
No guarantee of purchase. Thank you.